Breaking down the layers of artificial perfection. A self-portrait in motion, framed by the edges of the phone. The body and the camera are both tools to manipulate and control. Exploring the potential for transcendence in consensual, neat and organized, submission. Suspended, if only for just a second in a mixture of excitement, horror, and arousal. Subverting censorship and queering intimacy. The bait and switch. 

Originally created as part of INVERSE Performance Art Residency, 2020 

Additional media: green and blue frosting, metal safety razor. 


Queering expressions of love, intimacy, and connection. The act of cake sitting is a celebration of the temporality of our existence. Perverting the societal rituals that often include a cake, such as birthdays, weddings, and other holidays. When we accept, acknowledge, and live with an understanding of our own mortality, only then are we able to maintain a sense of presence and live fully in the moment. When we accept death, we can truly live. 

Cover of California, Angel Olsen 

 In collaboration with Justine Neves, 2019


I'm only an image of what you see.

Music: Woman Is A Word, Empress of

In collaboration with Chase In Color, 2019


"The best thing about being hot is the constant underestimation."- JTS

Video editing in collaboration with Justine Neves

Music: Aorta,Tanya Tagaq


30-Day Notice

A good friend once told me that they try to exist in a constant state of arrival and departure. I saw myself as the opposite, having just shown them all of the places I had called home for the past six years within a three minute bike ride. 

I have had the privilege of living about five of those years in community housing. This video was what I sent to my eighteen housemates over email as a way to notify them that I would be moving out in 30 days. The places that we occupy and who we occupy them with have a profound impact on who we are. The mirrors and windows of our existence. 

Music: Dar-Eh Da Da Du, Young Fathers



Documentation of a 27th trip around the sun.

Music: Deadline, Young Fathers

In collaboration with Chase In Color, 2018

Dinner Date

Winner of Best Film and Best Cinematography at the Upham Film Festival, 2017. 

In collaboration with Chase In Color & Vernix

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