POV: Pornification/Objectification/Validation

In collaboration with Eugene Tang

This work was created as part of the exhibition a generous gesture, curated by I-Chein Chen, and performed within the time-based show transience, curated by Gordon D. Fung, as part of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s Graduate Open Studios Night, 2022.

This improvised performance duet is a marriage between Eugene and I’s work where we intersect at the question and consequence of the gaze. Who’s gaze we ask, is relevant/irrelevant? Who in this dynamic possess power and control? Whose positionality do we reckon with when we employ the edges of the viewfinder frame in our decision making for capturing an erotic energy, a fleeting exchange, a moment in time? What happens when the subject and author shapeshift between their roles fluidly, interchangeably, without any regard for narrative, intention, or function? Transgressing the lines between subject, object, camera, human, flesh, and lens.


Take Off Your Clothes, 2022, Eugene Tang

Perspective Box, 2022, Nikki Telegan

Camera and I, 2020, Shine Louise Houston

Sound: Found audio on YouTube when “gay porn down beats” is searched.

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