"I’m an unapologetically gross and queer multi-disciplinary performance artist. I create live, video, and photographic work to examine the interconnected possibilities of the eroticized body as a site for vulnerability and power. I’m attracted to disrupting and defying censorship through activation of my body in performance, establishing additional nodes of self-actualization beyond the realms of identity politics. I aim to treat my body as a tool to be used rather than a fixed ideal or understanding. Over the course of the pandemic, I have been deepening my relation to the virtual landscape and digital media as a means to expand my modalities for performance, especially while existing in this highly digitized, almost exclusively virtual paradigm. By becoming the director of both the camera and my subjectivity, I am able to fully simulate my own reality. 

I often create work in the context of burlesque, drag, and kink performance under the name Pussy Grime. I have many images and selves that I conceal, expose, and manipulate to my benefit and pleasure."


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