Touch Me

Touch deprivation. Needing to feel connection. Suspended between realities. 

Constructing and playing within the lines of what is real and what is a simulation. 

Music: La vita nuova, Christine and the Queens

Pussy Pleaser Productions: CTRL+ALT+DEL. Zoom Live, 2021

Deal with God

Ground Control. Breaking through the black hole of what separates you from me during these unnatural times.

Music: Running Up That Hill, Placebo

Pussy Pleaser Productions: CTRL+ALT+DEL. Zoom Live, 2021


A 90 minute Instagram Live durational performance in 90 seconds 

Expanding upon my identity as a traditional stage performer in a virtual world. An opportunity to create an alternate reality of my own design. Exploring themes of honesty, communication and the consumptive qualities of desire and love. 

Music: Under Your Spell, Desire

Running Up That Hill, Kate Bush

INVERSE Performance Art Residency, 2020

See full performance here

Here I Go Again

Repeating ourselves is inevitable. We will re-experience our flaws, our insecure behaviors, our unproductive thought patterns-  unless, of course, we make the conscious decision not to. "Happy" New Year.

Music: Mama Mia, ABBA

SLO Queerdos, 2020

Christmas Bitch

Christmas is such a BITCH.

Music: Bitch, Meredith Brooks

SLO Queerdos, 2019

You & I

My proclamation of love to the queer community in tribute to National Coming Out Day.

Music: You and I, Lady Gaga

SLO Queerdos, 2019

Gay Boy Love

Accepting one's queerness requires bravery.  Public expression of gay love is a radical act of protest. Coming out is hard, but living a life without freedom is even harder.

Music Mix: Young Fathers. In collaboration with Will Pleaser

Santa Maria Pride, 2019

I Just Came to Say "Hello!"

Breaking free from the boxes we are put in, even by ourselves. 

Music: Hello, Dragonette

Monday Night Hubba Hubba Revue, 2019


How to exist in a female body in the era of FOSTA/SESTA, when body autonomy is being debated by old white men in suits. Embracing the difficult through radical self-love.

Music: Easy, Son Lux

Glitterotica, 2019

I Mean Something

I do this all for a reason. 

Music: I Mean Something, Peaches

SLO Queerdos, 2019

A Vampire's Tinder Date

What if modern day queer vampire's were on tinder? 

SLO Queerdos, 2018

All Gods, All Monsters

A fallen queer angel reveling in her own abhorrent heaven. 

Music: Gods & Monsters, Lana Del Rey 

SLO Queerdos, 2018

Nurse Grime

Nurse Grime is a cannibalistic nurse who accidentally eats a heart intended for transplant surgery. Examining the consumptive qualities of love and sex.

Music: Feasting, Young Fathers

The Glampede, 2018


No matter how protected you are or how many boundaries you define, you're never immune to toxic influences. 

Music: Toxic, Yael Naim

SLO Tease, 2018

Pizza Powa

Celebrate the  freedom of going to bed alone. Reveal in your own sexual autonomy. 

Music: Powa, tUnE-yArDs

SLO Tease, 2017


Expanding the dualities of our human condition. Good and evil. Masculine and feminine. Reject the binary.

Music: Kill V. Maim, Grimes

SLO Tease, 2017

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